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Family Information Service

Family Information Service (FIS)

Childcare, activities and services for children and young people and family support services in the Vale of Glamorgan. 



FIS provide information for families living in the Vale of Glamorgan and people working with families, services include:

  • Childcare, Nanny, baby sitting and au pair agencies
  • Parent groups, toddler groups and playschemes
  • Financial assistance, childcare costs and other benefits for parents
  • Advice and guidance to become a childcare provider
  • Events and activities
  • Family support services
  • Services for children with additional needs


 The Index

Working together to keep families up to date with services, support and activities for children and young people with disabilties or additional needs across the Vale of Glamorgan.


The Index is Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan's voluntary register of children and young people with disabilities or additional needs.


The Index aims to give a clearer picture of how many children and young people with disabilities or additional needs there are, and through Families First Grant funding support, enables us to work together with other agencies to help better coordinate services. 


  • Receive information to keep up to date with new services and activities
  • Receive the quarterly newsletter  The Index and specific mail outs
  • Have the opportunity to contribute articles, news and events to share with others on the Index
  • Help and influence the types of provision being offered and developed


The Index newsletter is produced quarterly and is sent it to all families whose children are signed up to The Index. 


The Index is to ensure it is packed full of articles about events, services, play schemes and much more for families who have children and young people with disabilities and additional needs.


The index registration form may be completed online or on the attached form.